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Session 2
Science and Technology Policy 1

Session 3
Universities in the Knowledge Economy

Session 4
Workshop: Emerging Information and Business Communication Models 1

Session 5
Workshop: Sustainable Development in the Knowledge Society

Session 6
Plenary: Knowledge Networks in the Global Economy:
The Case of Latin America

Session 7
Workshop: Emerging Information and Business Communication Models 2

Session 8
Incentives for Innovation and Technology

Session 9
Workshop: Knowledge Intensive and Complex Firms

Session 10
Workshop: Technology and Economic Inequality

Session 11
Workshop: Technology and Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean 1

Session 12
Plenary: Technology-Based Growth: Lessons from Austin, Texas

  • A. Angelou, Angelou Economic Advisors Inc., Austin, USA
  • B. Streetman, Dean, College of Engineering, UT-Austin, USA
  • Admiral B. R. Inman, Investor, Austin, USA
  • B. Spencer, Chairman of the Board, Sematech, Austin, USA
  • K. Hammer, President and CEO, Evolutionary Technologies, Inc., Austin, USA
    ETI: Austin’s High Tech "Poster Child"
  • T. Heng, Motorola, USA (Invited)

Session 13
Science and Technology Policy 2

Session 14
New Tools and Findings in Knowledge Management

Session 15
Workshop: Internationalization of R&D

Session 16
Workshop: Trends & Issues in Higher Education in Technology Policy and Systems Engineering

Henry Etzkowitz, New York State University, USA
Opportunities for Science and Technology Policy in the Learning Economy

Session 17
Plenary: Managing Firms in the Knowledge Economy

  • D. Leonard, Harvard Business School, USA
    Knowledge Management: Links to Creativity
  • A. Roth, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
    Frontiers in Knowledge Management: Implications for Operations Strategy in a Global   Context

Session 19
Networks and Knowledge Diffusion

Session 20
Innovations in Rural Development

Session 21
Workshop: Intellectual Property in a Global Economy

Session 22
Workshop: Innovation in Materials

Session 23
Plenary: Planning and Financing Knowledge for Development

  • D. Gray, Knowledge Management Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean, The World Bank, Washington, D.C.
  • B. Fabbio, TL Ventures, Austin, USA
  • L. Kilcrease, Triton Venture Management, L.L.C., Austin, USA

Session 24
Innovation Systems

Session 25
Business Perspectives for Knowledge Management

Session 26
Growth through Technology Commercialization

Session 27
Workshop: Outsourcing and Training Knowledge Professionals in a Global Context

Kenneth J. Cox, Chief Technologist, NASA, Johnson Space Center,USA
A Commercial Perspective of Earth/Space

Session 28
Plenary: Comparative Regional Development

Session 29
Regional Systems of Knowledge Creation and Diffusion

Session 30
Workshop: Metrics for Knowledge

Session 31
Workshop: Biotechnology and the Promise of Genetics

Session 32
Workshop: Technology and Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean 2