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Neil Hirst, the Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Energy Technology Office will represent IEA at the ICTPI conferene. IEA acts as energy policy advisor to 26 Member countries in their effort to ensure reliable,affordable and clean energy for their citizens. Founded during the oil crisis of 1973-74, the IEA’s initial role was to co-ordinate measures in times
Keynote speaker Jan Egeland

Jan Egeland, special envoy for the UN Secretary General, formerly Deputy Secretary General has agreed to be a keynote speaker on the ICTPI conference on the topic: "Societal Sustainability in times of Complex Crises".

ICTPI workshops

As a participant of the ICTI - 10 you are invited to remain for conference associated entrepreneurial workshops, Thursday (June 21) 0900AM to 0200PM on

• Simulation and Gaming
• Creativity and Film Production
• Clean Energy
• Global Incubation

The workshops focuses on practical topics such as: How to promote the clean sector industry in a region, how to promote cultural industry in a region, robotics and gaming for education and how to stimulate the growth of micro - multinational companies. Program for the workshop will be sent out.
Keynote speaker

Dr Leena Srivastava, is an Executive Director at TERI, New Delhi and Senior Vice President of TERI-NA (Tata Energy and Resources Institute, North America), Washington, DC, USA.

Arne Mogren to ICTPI

Arne Mogren is one of the main architects behind 3C - Combat Climate Change an initiative led by Vattenfall to integrate question concerning climate change and environment in the business – strategy. 3C was presented in Brusses and at the World Economic Forum i Davos in January this yearl. Currently 18 leadind energy and industrial companies supports 3C actively.
Escort of keynote speakers in hydrogen cars

University of Stavanger is participating in creating the”Hydrogen Road" and thus the ICTPI national committee provide hydrogen cars to escort the key note speakers. The Hydrogen Road from Stavanger to Oslo and Copenhagen is a unique Norwegian joint industry initiative to demonstrate real life implementation of hydrogen energy infrastructure along a route of 580 kilometres from Oslo to Stavanger during the years 2005 to 2008. The project comprises all steps required to develop a hydrogen infrastructure and includes various hydrogen production technologies and uses of hydrogen, in all cases with an adaptation to local conditions. A joint project covering varying transport means: buses, taxis and private cars, and varying transport systems: urban, inter-city, regional and long national transports.
Poster session for UiS/IRIS studenter

Vi har 75 godkjente papers, men veldig få fra egne miljøer. Derfor arrangerer vi en egen Poster - session for UiS og IRIS studenter.